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Mountain Trails


Ancient  American Archaeology &  Other Tales of the Old West and the ANCIENT Americas


mountain Trails WHAT'S NEWs

FOR ALL YOU breaking NEWS hounds

 Underwater  Inca Temple found...8-05

The ruins of what is thought to be a huge ancient temple have been discovered by archaeologists diving beneath Lake Titicaca in the Andes between Bolivia and Peru.,4273,4054650,00.htm
40,000 year old footprints found in Mexico

Berkeley -- Alleged footprints of early Americans found in volcanic rock in Mexico are either extremely old - more than 1 million years older than other evidence of human presence in the Western Hemisphere


November 17, 2005 - outside Yacolt, WA

A backpacker from Vancouver, Washington, took these photos on Silver Star Mountain in Gifford Pinchot National Forest on November 17.

He says he doesn't know what the figure was, but he does not believe it was another hiker or backpacker

Ancient Canals Reveal Underpinnings of Early Andean Civilization

Canals discovered in the Peruvian Andes dating back over 5,400 years offer long-sought proof that irrigation was at the heart of the development of one of the earth’s first civilizations.
The discovery by Vanderbilt University anthropologist Tom Dillehay

In the Eastern Hemisphere

by Mohammed ZAROUIT

     In July 2005, has small Primate skull was discovered in the desert of Tafilalet near Erfoud (Morocco). It was in the sand of has marble quarry where Devonian fossils were already found. Subsequently, the skull could Be around 360 million years old. Characteristic features in the only 6.1 cm high and 3.9 cm broad fossil indicate the genus Homo: globular forehead and hind skull, and occipital year inferior position of the has hole under the cranium, which is typical for upright body posture.



IN other places


Ancient tools at High Desert site go back 135,000 years
vendredi 25 novembre 2005

Chuck Mueller, Staff Writer

BARSTOW,CA - In the multicolored hills overlooking the Mojave River Valley, the excavation of stone tools and flakes reveals human activities from the distant past.

A new system of geologic dating has confirmed that an alluvial deposit bearing the stone tools and flakes at the Calico archaeological site is about 135,000 years old.



  Hobbit-Like Human Ancestor Found in Asia

Hillary Mayell
for National Geographic News

October 27, 2004
Scientists have found skeletons of a hobbit-like species of human that grew no larger than a three-year-old modern child (See pictures). The tiny humans, who had skulls about the size of grapefruits, lived with pygmy elephants and Komodo dragons on a remote island in Indonesia 18,000 years ago.

There is simply too much to report on this entry page. Therefore we have included a second page to




adventures in Crypto-Archeology


 Project Stargate I  (Archive File)

The Star Maps  

In Association with  Dr. Joseph Puleo

From the Original Coast to Coast Radio Show  with Art Bell 1996

            Our calendar is five years off more or less,  but why?  The Bible tells us the time that The Nazarene was born, it also tells  us when he will return.. Even though it says it straight out in the Bible , and is affirmed in Jesus'  own words, still most people  didn't  want to believe it... 

    However the theories  continually prove to be accurate, and in harmony with the Mayan Calendar... Proving once again that time, as we presently perceive it, may have been manipulated for an as yet unrealized agenda. How can our faith be strong if are facts are incorrect if the stories are not accurate. Find out about some of Dr. Puleo's amazing theories on this subject.



NEW Mysteries Surrounding the Shroud of Turin 



Project Stargate II   (Active File updated on a regular basis)




This is where the telling of the story of the Sun Cruisers had its' beginnings


This  includes the original disclosure information and factual evidence that we are not alone.  As first presented in my book 

  " Last Cry    Native American Prophecies & Other Tales of the End Times "   

This Book is now Available in its 5th printing  a revitalized edition  and represents the Original content , which contains the Prophecies they would not let me tell you on the air back then.... taking us to the year 2037

     The release of the Sun Cruiser information was the subject of two Art Bell Coast to Coast radio shows, in 1997, and is/ was  presented here with official Soho/Lasco  NASA  photos and film...  This site is  updated from time to time... Whoever they might be, one thing is certain, someone Is Out There watching us...just watching.

Now NASA is calling them the Sun Grazers

Amazing April 2004 Update  


JULY 17 '05  And what could this be about  I wonder.




Special Report

see caption

NASA'S 10th Planet:   

    March 15, 2004: NASA-funded researchers have admitted to the existence of the most in our solar system to date, a distant object orbiting the sun. It's a mysterious planet-like body three times farther from Earth than Pluto. So, Sitchin was right all along... 

    Once Again Myth Becomes Reality


Project Stargate III    (Archive File)

The Colorado Expeditions    

(Below) Dr Ghost Wolf's personal  photo taken by Michael Adams of REDTAIL FILMS 

 the Angel of the Rockies © Dr. GHOST WOLF 1997-2006


     The Hidden Valley is in the proximity of a place called  Texas Creek, Colorado between the 7,000 and 9,000 foot level depending on where you wander.  The Ute told us that people from the stars built this place long, long ago.   Here lies what the Ute people have long called the Garden of Mysteries.   Here we came upon an ancient  Sphinx, which Scientist  have estimated could be as old as 250,000 years.  And the now famous Angel of the Rockies,  amongst the other treasures to be realized was formations that replicate two Giant Griffins, reptilians, and various images of  what appears to be aliens, and much more.  

     The Garden of Mysteries...the Ute People tell us , " a place that was built by the people from the stars.  Here their people interacted with these galactic travelers, until the First War of the Heavens came to Earth

"  This place is a place of many dimensions often merging with each other... Sometimes things that appear, are no longer there in the next moment.  We are told stories about t those who have come here, who were never seen or heard from again.. There was and old miner who lived here once, he was looking for gold, one day he simply disappeared never to be seen again, no body was ever recovered no signs of mischief or foul play... just Poof Gone!.

    "Are the Ute accurate?  Could this be just another TALL TALE?  Find out for yourself as you explore the Garden of Mysteries and see what was left behind as a warning and prophecy for the future generations. in the Mystery Prophecies of the Griffin, The cosmic calendar stone left behind by the Anunaki who watch over the Garden for all eternity.   " The Ute say that the star people still come here often, and watch over this place.

 "There are those who come here who are weak in spirit who have  become slaves to him, and bidders of his will. One such deprived white man, a poor soul who calls himself Caligastia, and has come to believe that he is the Planetary Prince the one in charge of the returning Dark Angels" ...  yes he is very much like Gollum."

The Mystery Prophecies of the Griffin


    The Mysteries of the Griffin contain  mathematical calculations of cosmic cycles which are about to once  again commence upon Earth bringing with them cataclysmic catastrophe beyond comprehension.  These events are ongoing and will bring about the activation of the "Ring of Fire." Volcanic Eruptions around the Globe, and literally cause the cracking of the Earth's Crust on a global level.   The Final  War of the Heavens is simply an ongoing event. Obviously this historical accounting and future prediction could not have been left behind by primitive aboriginal people. The mathematics is equal that of the Mayan Calendar.



   Direct Soho-Lasco Link

The latest 48 hours worth of data are available here and the Sun Cruiser is right on time.  That's  if you know about the Hopi Prophecies..



What just hit the Sun?








What second Griffin gulped Caligastia ?


Special Report

Jesus in Scotland and the Gospel of the Grail
by Barry Dunford

    In the Declaration of Arbroath, signed by Scottish nobles at Arbroath, Scotland, in 1320. Translated, from the original Latin, by Lord Cooper of Culross (1892-1955) we find the following interesting assertion: "Within this our realm there have reigned one hundred and thirteen Kings of our native royal dynasty, and not one of alien birth.

    If proof be needed of the quality and worth of our people, it shines forth for all to see in this that the King of Kings, our Lord Jesus Christ, after His Passion and Resurrection, chose us as almost the first to be called to His most holy faith, though we dwelt in the uttermost parts of the earth, and He would not that we should be confirmed therein by anyone except the first of His Apostles by calling, though the second or third in rank, Andrew the Meek, the brother of blessed Peter, whom He appointed to be our leader and patron Saint for ever."


Project Stargate IV   (Archive File)

Days of Destiny

    Cosmic Prophecies for the 21st Century... and the Emergence of the Fifth World.

    The western world of academia is filled with superstition and misconceptions of our ties to a greater cosmic reality.  Yet, the western hemisphere itself may be the mother of all human species having a past that stretches at beyond the limits of accepted history. Stretching back farther than 200,000 years back to a time when man-kind was in its infancy and we walked this earth amongst the gods.

" Days of Destiny," contains valuable information about the real Bible codes, the Mayan Calendar, Star maps, and much, much more.

the FIRST Book in  the Saga of the Ring Lords Series

From Dr Ghost Wolf's Books  Days of Destiny and Winds of Change ~Visions from the Ghostdance

To the Eighth Thunder Prophecies




Project Stargate V  (Archive File)


The Halls of Record

     ... The ancient amulet pictured here is part of Dr Ghost Wolf's personal collection and is a depiction of the Falcon God Horus.  According to forensic testing the amulet is determined to have been made sometime prior to 1800 BCE.  The Amulet was given to Dr Ghost Wolf as a gift by a Cherokee Medicine Man and is reputed to come from a cave in central Illinois...   Dr Ghost Wolf found the site of origin, which might very well be one of the most important, Lost Archaeological Discoveries of 20th Century America..  


Who was this ancient god, who ruled over the lands and People of Ancient America, and the New Colony of Egypt? 

He who initiated the Second " War of the Heavens " to avenge his father Osiris's murder ? 

(Click on the Eye of Horus above)

Includes excerpts from Burrow's Cave's. Not much to say about Old Burrows...  the ironic thing is that Burrows himself has not much of a clue as to what he actually found. But, give him some grace, he was not brought up in our present age of 'Information Overload'... he was just an adventurer. 



   WELL  folks                 

UPDATE TIDBITS without the bull

     Everything you ever wanted to know about Burrows' Caves... and that group everyone knows as the " hole in the ground gang "that keeps trying to find it.  No matter how hard  we try to ignore it, folks who know about this place just keep showing up at our doorstep.   The Caves actually do exist... but not at Nimble Kimball's Indian Burial Ground location I can assure you. Where did all that stuff Burrows found come from?   "Down the wabbit hole where else. So here's sum of da fax Doc. "   

    The Drama continues but has lost much of it's glow as the frauds like Nimble Kimball , Wayne May, Ralph Wollak, and the likes of Frank Joseph  (the'Hole in the Ground Gang') are revealed.  Bad enough when you have to use other peoples work for your stepping stones without giving credit due; but Nimble Kimble can't even get the facts right.  

     Ralph Wollak is in and out of jail,   Frank Joseph is being sued for theft of Intellectual property,  his hot new book where he makes false claims to alliances to Zechariah Sitchin,   we find out as well Joseph as well  uses Harry Hubbard's manuscript for creating  " HIS"  version of the Ptolemy Saga.  Wayne May is still stealing other peoples finds and photos for his Dung Heap Magazine, claiming they are his own.  GEESH !.   Old Russ Burrow's, well Russ is like the story of Poncho and Lefty. 'Ol Russ just may ride forever  after all he's still the only one who's ever been inside. Everyone else including myself we're just Johnny come lately's.

     HARRY HUBBARD'S SITE IS DOWN..has been for near a year now. and Harry may be as well....  What a loss of incredible research and validation, he honestly and truly has done an amazing amount of research and documentation of authenticity on the artifacts, as well as the historical facts.  It looks like we have another victim of 'the Curse of Burrow's Cave's '  

     It may just come down to either myself or Russell Burrows that  you'll have to come to to get the story on the caves. Remember the 'Hole in the Ground Gang' never had a clue, they are always riding on other peoples works.  You know folk's  maybe I should come out with the whole  dang story since I hold secrets to both sides of the story...  So don't be surprised if one day soon you see " RETURN TO THE COLISEUM "



Project Stargate VI      (Active File)    Part I

Following Ancient Footsteps

... along the Old Spanish Trails

         A  Real Life  Saga ...about the search for a Lost City forgotten in time, and human memory ...

     This is a tale about the Annunaki " the Tall People"... In this section we explore ancient prophecies about "a Dwarf Star"   a traveling Sun, or did they mean Star Ship  which came into our solar system, actually 'Battling with our Sun"  bringing along with it solar super storms which would devastate the Earth and her peoples,  

    Explore the real life legends and myths the surround the Old Spanish Trails  The Conquistadors and the Native people they butchered, and tortured to find the location of Cities of Gold,  The Indian People, who through the centuries have continued protecting the source of the Myths...the Lost Cities of the Children of the Sun....  

     The discovery of hundreds of metal plates and stone tablets left behind by a lost and forgotten civilization,  are discovered to be an archaic Euro-Mediterranean library a record of a lost and forgotten culture that existed here in the Americas as well as the Mediterranean regions circa approximately 8,000 BCE, and of course the Lost City which turned out not to be so uninhabited. What do I mean by that?  Come on Inside.

Saga of the Ring Lord Series


STARGATE Project VI ~ Chapter ll

 with  the explorations along the Old Spanish Trail

The Legends of Aztlan 

Chapter II 

Excerpted from "Following Ancient Footsteps "

                 by Dr. Robert Ghost Wolf

   Recent explorations in the Rocky Mountains reveal  secrets of the Ancient Americas...  

     Advanced Civilization, Trade and Commerce with Euro-Mediterranean, and Mongolian cultures here 8,000 years ago. 

   As we uncovered the remains of the Lost Civilization of the Sun Kings  tales of  Red-Haired Giants are brought to light . and a forgotten history of humanity is revealed.

     Could the Giant mummies found along the Old Spanish Trail  actually be the hybrid children of the Annunaki ?  Then there are the plates & stones carved in Ancient Sumerian Language, but they were found here in Middle America ?  This is the real Story from the guys who were out in the field, not sitting in their living rooms wishing they were.

  Special Report

Crop Circles  the World of Crystals    

                        and the Shape of our Universe defined


Winterbourne Bassett


Whatever could it all mean ?

an Absolutely amazing web site

(Click image)


Project Stargate  VII  (Active File)



    When Angels Walked The Earth 

Sometime in 2006 I will publish this book

        What if  Something happened in your life one day and you woke up and realized that everything you were taught was not exactly how things actually happened? 

The Little Matter of the Hybrids


    Archeological evidence reveals shocking new realities.  There are those who would have us believe Angels, were the Fallen Sons of God and were diabolic and  evil entities... but contemporary Archaeologists and Anthropologists are starting to find out '.. well it ain't necessarily so...'

    This is a study in Biblical Anthropology, what you could call Forbidden Archaeology  or in the contemporary sense of the 21st century 'Crypto-Archaeology'  Facts are facts, this work was and is not intended as a matter of a contest of faiths... for ultimately all faiths are truth...and one and the same...only the perception of the occurrence and the telling of the tale seems different.. according to the style and personality of the author.

    Project VII  explores historical  legends of the Celts on both sides of the Ocean... For they most definitely were the bearded gods of the Ancient Americas.  It is as well a story about the hybrid Giants they met and shared their world with, many thousands of years ago... called by those who feared the very existence of them, as ' the Fallen Angels'  or sometimes 'the Sons of God.'  Thus the legend of the Anunaki ,the hybrid children of the Nehalem was born...The Anunaki were those who came to visit earth on quite a regular basis upon a Dwarf Star , or Star Ship that would come to be known as  Nibaru. (Nibiru)  

    It is all about the procession of the Equinox's We are now experiencing the very same celestial influences that were here during the collapse of the Mayan empire... The same.

                                                                  Saga of the Ring Lords Series

   the Blue Room

AVAILABLE SOON  Dr Ghost Wolf's Books  Tapes and Video's.    AVAILABLE SOON   Dr Ghost Wolf's Books, Tapes, and Vidio's    AVAILABLE SOON       Dr. Ghost Wolf's Books, Tapes, and  Video's


Books by Dr. Ghost Wolf include...

Available Courtesy Trafford Publishing


Thank you !  The first 100 " Autographed Original Hand Bound Manuscripts of Following Ancient Footsteps  are " SOLD OUT"  The book will be available soon in an E-BOOK version through this web site

the Original Buffalo Mining & Trading Company


ask any Archeologist





      That which is contained within these pages of the Original Star Gate Files is a journey that had it beginnings in 1971 when I traveled to the Himalayan Mountains of Tibet and met with some very remarkable Masters. From that amazing experience my journeys to validate what was shared with me have taken me where very few have traveled.

      What is contained here are not stories that some one told to someone, that someone heard from some one else, or read in someone's book.. These are real life adventures. With all the sweat, tears, scorpions, snakes and spiders, thieves, pirates and some times death. I am a field or Rogue archeologist. I do not hide behind a desk, or worry about loosing my jaguar. What people think is of little consequence, I know what my eyes have seen. You can believe them or not. What you will find interesting is that as time unravels many of the things I spoke about years ago now are in the NEWS. Read about them in Mountain Trails. 

      By the way 'my jaguar' eats 20 pounds of raw meat a day.

  I know some of you out there  may be adventurous souls.  If you would like to go out there with me sometime, and experience the real thing. That can be arraigned, if you qualify. Write me if you are interested.

    And there is only one reason Dr Ghost Wolf hasn't done more and brought you more _ For all the love of his Adventures   in America the gimme, gimme land of materialism it takes


  So why not support the effort  Buy a book... Or maybe you want to be part of the Breaking Discovery of Historical Consequence... that is a possibility

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